Surf Guiding


Surf until your arms fall off.

We do 2 guided surf trips per day, every day. Super early dawn sessions and another afternoon session. We take SMALL GROUPS ONLY. One car, maximum 6 people to each spot to respect the locals and they also respect us so they don’t drop in!!

We take people to waves that they are comfortable with, nothing too steep and hollow until you are ready, although we will help you try and find your limits. We are not out to scare you, just to make sure you have a positive surf experience.

Because we are always serious about finding the best possible waves we are extremely mobile, staying with us you will surf many different spots, not just the same one or 2. You will surf quite a few different spots in just a week. Also a cool way to see Bali!

WG will explain each new spot, show you where to paddle out from. Where to sit to take off. Where the rocks,reefs,currents are and even which waves to go for.

Improving your surfing is all about wave count and quality. the more waves you get, the better you get, and the better the waves are, the easier it is to surf! Surfing with us you will surf more spots, get more waves, and more quality waves.

Our local knowledge will get you to the right spots at exactly the right times, when its not too crowded and the perfect tide,wind,swell direction ect.so you waste none of your holiday going to the wrong spots at the wrong times/tides/swell direction.

Villa Wave Guru is centrally located to all the world class beaches and reefs of Bali.  50+ spots within 30 minutes drive and we are always serious about finding the best waves. We also know a few secret spots that we will take you to that you will have to promise never to reveal to anyone!!

We go to whatever spot is firing that day. wherever the waves are good and uncrowded and best suited our guests.

We get text alerts from local friends at all the good spots when they are going off!!

1x Boats to outer reefs are included in the weekly package price.
You also DONT have to stay with us to surf with us, if we have availability we do hotel and villa pick-ups, we can have you back from the dawn session by the time your wife or partner wakes up. :)


1 SESSION including breakfast : RP. 400.000 ($40)
1 DAY SESSION (2 different spots) : RP. 700.000 ($70)
Board rental Rp. 100.000/day ($10)

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